10 Apr


holding hands

I dropped my phone today.

It cracked.

The entire screen.


Life happens quickly. One minute, you’re telling your friend, Maria, that you want to open a taco/chocolate fountain shop that also serves as a speed-dating locale…and the next, you’re unknowingly destroying a prized possession.

I didn’t even realize it had cracked, when I dropped it. It fell on its face, with its case pointing upward.

I swear I was being careful. I brought it with me to my Body Pump class because I couldn’t find someone to watch it in time, and I didn’t want to pay some stranger at the gym to watch it, alongside all of the other, average smartphones (like the Samsungs and the Droids). Mine is special. It has an English and a French keyboard, and knows military time.

When the class was finished, I picked it up and we left the room together. I talked to Maria and some of the other ladies for a while, but I didn’t let it out of my sight.

Ladies, can I get a witness??

Then, in the locker room, it was getting in my way, so I shoved it into a locker. OK, maybe this wasn’t the best way to handle the situation. I see that, now. But you try applying deodorant with it clinging to your deodorant-applying hand, while it offends every naked old woman that passes by. Not easy!

I was all dressed and ready to go. We were kind of in a rush to get to the grocery store before closing, and then home to an outlet – there’s nothing worse than running on empty. We both get cranky when we go too long without fueling up.

I thought I was holding onto it tightly, but I guess we’re never holding as tightly as we think.

It fell.

I didn’t hear a “crack” or an absurdly loud “bang,” although all of the other ladies immediately jerked their heads around. I quickly picked it up and dusted it off, as they all held a little tighter to their own phones and glared at me, judgmentally.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with mine. There weren’t any noticeable injuries, but I guess I didn’t check thoroughly enough. I just assumed all was fine.

You know what they say: “assume leads to…doom.”

We were on our way home, and still, nothing seemed amiss. It wasn’t until we got to the grocery store that I knew something was truly wrong.

It was being really quiet, which is unusual because it always seems to come alive in the grocery store (like its mother).

That’s when I really took a good look at it. It doesn’t take a doctor to know a clean break. It was cracked and mangled. Bits of its face looked like they might just break off. Its response time was slow, and its brightness level was reacting weirdly to the light.

I texted my mother immediately to tell her what had happened, and to ask for advice. We may think we know everything, but there’s nothing more certain than the advice of a mother of three (one phone for work, one for personal life, and one for emergencies). Mother knows best.

She asked me how bad the damage seemed. I told her that it looked like three-fourths of the face had been broken. As for internal damage, I was unsure.

Without wasting any time, my mom researched the cost of repairs abroad. Results showed pricey, no surprise there.

Am I guaranteed under Apple Care? No. I know, I know, it’s irresponsible. But I barely make enough money to buy four chicken breasts for six euros! How am I supposed to also pay for insurance??

It’s looking like I’ll have to wait it out and hope it doesn’t get any worse. I’m mostly nervous for our trip to Greece in a few weeks. How is it going to deal with running around foreign cities for two weeks? I don’t want to do it any more harm, but we’ve had these tickets for weeks, and I just cannot afford to cancel.

I think the best bet is to wait until my grandparents come to visit. Then maybe they can help me to think about repairs or replacements.

Okay, maybe not a replacement. I’m not heartless. I might just have to send it away, so it can be somewhere with other phones, like itself. Some center up in the woods might be nice. Maybe somewhere in Canada? Or Maine? Somewhere where I can visit when I need it, and where the cafeteria food is delicious and varied (also important for my visits).

I love it dearly, but can I be honest? Life was so much easier when I only had a toy phone.










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